Ingredients & Values

Every ingredient in our recipes is sourced from partners who are USDA Certified Organic. We pride ourselves in using only human-grade, 100% organic ingredients. We will never settle for anything less so you can rest assured that our treats are of the highest quality!
There are renowned superfoods in each of our carefully formulated recipes. These selected superfoods, whether it is turmeric, kale or ginger, have special qualities recognized for health benefits. Your dog shouldn't eat anything short of the best out there. We make it easy for dog parents to be great dog parents!
There's nothing artificial or unnatural in our biscuits. That means no yucky preservatives, fillers or additives. We don't even add natural preservatives like rosemary extract, which can be unsafe for some dogs.
P.S. Don't worry! Our plant-based treats have been baked to perfection and don't need preservatives!
Factories aren't churning out our biscuits with machines. They are all handmade with care in a FDA-approved facility. They are always baked in small batches to ensure freshness and to offer the best quality.
We care about Mother Earth very much! From our packing tape, boxes, jars, fillers to pouches, everything we use is 100% recyclable. Our Gift Boxes only use eco-friendly materials as well for guilt-free gifting! Please help keep our planet safe for future generations of humans, pups, elephants, moose, robins... you get the idea!