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Most Popular Dog Breeds in NYC

With the given space and lifestyle in NYC, New Yorkers especially love these 5 breeds.

  1. Mutts - Yes, we know Mutts aren't exactly a breed... but there are endless reasons why many New Yorkers choose to welcome them into their lives. They are one of a kind and unique. They are just as lovable as pure-breeds. They tend to have fewer health issues. They represent a disproportionate percentage of shelter dogs so the chances of meeting one are much higher for anyone looking to adopt. One stroll down a few blocks in NYC, you're bound to meet a vivacious sweet mutt with the lucky owner!
  2. French Bulldog - You totally saw this coming. Frenchies are the iconic NYC dog. They are highly sought after. They are adorably compact and thrive in small NYC apartments. They don't require too much exercise and love to be lazy. Let's be honest - they look a bit funny but in the best, cutest way possible. Have you heard what an excited Frenchie sounds like? What's not to love!
  3. Labrador Retriever - This should be no surprise. Labradors are a beloved breed in the US and many parts of the world. Their calm, gentle, sweet temperament makes them perfect for families with children and other pets. They are incredibly smart and highly trainable.
  4. Golden Retriever - Goldens are often a part of that picture perfect family portrait. They are that missing piece of the puzzle. They are similar to the Labradors in the gentle, sweet temperament. Yes, they have quite a bit of energy but they can stay active and content even in a concrete jungle. Have you seen them smile? How can you not love these floofers?
  5. Bulldog - First, bulldogs are just plain majestic. They are just born with that air of authority and demand attention when they, uhh, walk down the block. They are wrinkly from birth, muscular and chubby at the same time, and grin ear to ear. No space? No problem. Small New York apartments are no issue for them - they are as lazy as you are on a Sunday morning. The mellow, cool temperament is beyond easy to get along and any New Yorker would want a bulldog sidekick.