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Funny Dog Behaviors Explained

We are grateful for the Internet-era where we can easily look up why our dogs engage in weird behaviors! Here are some of the strange dog behaviors explained.

  1. Zoomies - When you see the burst of energy when our dogs show doing zoomies, it is a very good thing! This behavior simply means they are HAPPY. They are feeling elated, happy and are expressing it by running around uncontrollably in the most adorable way. Just make sure you keep your dog away from potential hazards as they do their out-of-control happy dance!
  2. Circling before laying down - It is definitely baffling to watch them go in circles, sometimes to dizzying extents, right before they plop down for a good sleep. It is a residual behavior from their ancestors who would walk in circles to pat down the area with leaves and branches before settling down for a nap. Some dogs also show digging behavior before snuggling up - it is a way to create a little nest before a nice snooze.
  3. Following you into the bathroom - Personal space is pretty hard to come by for most dog parents. They like to follow you along everywhere because they love you. Even into the bathroom. This is them being protective and showing you they are there for you always.
  4. Shaking a toy vigorously side to side - It is cute to watch your dog shake a stuffed unicorn toy from side to side. However, it is your dog's instinctual predator behavior coming out. Dogs used to bite their prey and shake it vigorously to enjoy it as the next meal. Not so cute after really thinking about the origin of that behavior, but it is still adorable they are very content with just shaking around toys for fun!
  5. Sniffing you or other people in the crotch - This is a very awkward uncomfortable moment, but this is nothing to be creeped out by! They are just trying to get to know you better. So the next time you are talking to someone and your dog tries to sniff "inappropriately," just let him/her know that your dog is just being friendly and curious!
  6. Leaning on you - Did you know it is the dogs' way of hugging you? It is a very cute, heartwarming fact everyone should know! They have no way to actually hug so leaning on you is the best way to get as close to you as possible.
  7. Sitting on your feet - When dogs are sitting or sleeping on our feet, that means they want to protect us by staying very close. If anything happens, our feet will be the first to move and they will be able to immediately tell we are moving. This is their way of showing their sweet loyalty to you!
  8. The head tilt - Dogs tilt their heads when they hear an unfamiliar sound or when they try to understand what you are saying. Hearing the same strange sound for the second or third time probably won't induce a head tilt. Cocking their heads to the side might help them hear better by opening up their ears (especially those with big floppy ears).