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Do Dogs Dream?

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Do Dogs Dream?

This is one of the most frequently asked dog questions. 

Yes, dogs do dream!

Most dog parents have watched their dogs whimper, twitch, and even wag the tail in their sleep. There could also be some kicking of the paws, possibly some barking and growling. 

Research shows dogs are perfectly capable of dreaming and they are in their la-la-lands when these funny behaviors happen while they are asleep. Just like humans, dogs have rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and about 20 minutes into REM sleep, dreaming can begin with the involuntary movement and sounds.

What do they dream about?

Dogs have dream patterns very similar to ours. To no surprise, they dream about doggo things. Common activities like running, chasing, eating, and playing are speculated to make up most of their dreams. However, it is possible for dogs to have a bad dream. Although you may be tempted to comfort your whimpering dog, it is best to let your dog sleep it off and not interrupt their deep sleep.  

Did you know...

1) Smaller dogs dream more frequently than larger dogs. A toy poodle may have dreams that last 1 minute once every 10 minutes, while a golden retriever can dream every 60-90 minutes for 5-10 minutes.

2) Puppies and senior dogs have more dreams compared to middle-aged dogs. This is due to their having less control over muscle paralysis in sleep. In addition, puppies have so much more new information to process!

3) It is most likely that dogs dream in color - since they see the world in color. If you are wondering about blind dogs, they can also dream with focuses on other sensory experiences like scents and smells. 

4) Dogs and humans have similar dreaming and sleeping patterns -  so similar that researchers study dogs to understand humans' sleeping disorders better! 

5) Your dog dreams about you! Since many hours of the day are filled with interactions with you, there is a very high chance you will be appearing in their dreams.